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Your trusted Geelong car service centre Highton Automotive Services specialize in Log Book Servicing, Hand Book Servicing, New Car Servicing for all car brands, makes and models.

The fully qualified log book servicing at Highton Automotive ensures your car is in safe hands. Our mechanics provide quality car service and repairs on all models... including four wheel drive and Diesel vehicles.

We perform car Safety Tests and are certified to issue Road Worthy Certificates (RWC, Blue Slips, Green Slips, e-Safety Checks and Rego Checks). We can also do Pre-Purchase Reports.

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Air Conditioning Service


EPA Approved Procedure Including Evacuation & Re-Gas

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Automatic Transmission Service


Includes Fluid Change & Filter

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Brake Drum Service


Includes Machining of Drums & Shoe Replacement

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Brake System Flush


Includes System Check

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Cooling System Service


Includes Flush & Cooling System Inhibitor

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Disk Brake Service


Includes Machining and Disc Pad Replacement

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Engine Diagnostic Check


Uses specialised scan tool where required

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Standard Services

Minor Service and safety Check

Major Service and safety Check

Log Book Service

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Tune Up


Includes injector clean as required and 62 point safety check

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Wheel Alignment


Including Suspension test report

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Trading Hours: Open Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm 

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